Optimizing HR Using These Important Skills

When I was initially hired to work in Human Resources at my company, I thought I knew just about everything there was to know about the job. Hiring processes, conflict resolution, decision making, and every other aspect of my position all seemed simple to me. That was before I took one of the most influential courses I’ve ever experienced, the Cert 4 Training and Assessment Online. With the help of my online trainer, I was able to create valuable HR expertise and knowledge on my own time. Through the duration of the course I’ve learned countless valuable bits of knowledge, but 7 of those helpful tips outlined below have immensely improved my success in performing my HR roles and responsibilities.

Clear Job Descriptions

By creating clear and upfront expectations of employee rights and responsibilities, I can ensure that employees know what they will need to do while on the job. Employee manuals can also help to minimize friction when it comes to what is expected of the people who work for our company, but being honest and transparent during the interview and application process is often most effective.

Improving Attitude at Work

One of the HR best practices I learned is to have a positive attitude and an ability to promote positive attitudes in the workplace. By motivating your employees with rewards that are not only financial, you create a workplace where people are happy to work and want to help the company achieve its goals. This is incredibly important for any business that wants to achieve success, and is also incredibly valuable for making the work you and your employees do satisfying and fulfilling.

Creating a Successful Business Environment

By carefully choosing the people that I hire, our office has become full of individuals I genuinely enjoy working with. Creating a team of employees that I know will work well together is a difficult challenge, but one I’m now better equipped to approach. By closely assessing the personalities, organizational skills, and attitudes of potential hires during the interview process, it has become easy for me to decide which people I believe will be the best for creating a business environment that is both fun and productive.

Identifying Talent

In addition to picking who I believe will mesh well with our company’s atmosphere, it’s also important that I am able to choose those people who will be able to do their job to the best of their ability. By creating effective job descriptions our company can attract the most applicants possible, and using the skills taught to me by the Cert 4 Training and Assessment I can easily pick employees based on not only qualifications but also shared principles and how long I believe they will stay with our company. By making quick and smart hires, I’ve enabled our company to be as efficient and successful as possible.

Become Involved With Your Employees

My job in HR certainly does not end with interviewing and hiring employees. By spending time getting to know the employees we hire, I’ve been capable of getting a better idea of just what the members of our company value. Not only is this beneficial for me and the company itself, but it shows our new hires that we truly do care about their wellbeing and that they chose wisely to apply for work with our company.

Make Use of Technology

We no longer live in a world where our communication with employees is governed by face-to-face meetings and the occasional phone call. I always make an effort to stay active on email and certain forms of social media to allow contact with employees to be quick and easy. In addition, I’ve learned of many different forms of HR and management software that allows me to view our applicants, manage payroll, and discretely communicate with employees about sensitive grievances all through my computer.

When it comes to a monthly training, comparing the benefits of online versus face-to-face learning, an online learning method is definitely a better choice in most cases. There is no waiting for the participants and no latecomers. Each and every employee has control over their own progress.

Be Honest and Upfront

By far the most important lesson I have learned from this online course is to honest and upfront with all of our current and potential employees. When employees know exactly what is expected of them and I know what it is they’d like from me, an environment of trust and respect is created that keeps our company running smoothly.

About Riya Sander:

Riya Sander currently works at Australian company in a position of Human Resources Coordinator. During her academic year, she studied Human Resources Development and Leadership. She has spent 4 years working in this field. Check out her Twitter.