Communication and information are two most important concepts of the contemporary business world. If you combine polite and fast communication with a smooth flow of updated information, you get first-class customer support. With many new businesses on the horizon, it’s imperative not to fall behind when it comes to customer service. Therefore, business owners who keep receiving complaints from their customers should make some changes to improve their support. The following tips can help you reach that goal.

Hire sensitive people

Helping customers who have problems with your products should be done by sensitive and sympathetic people. Furthermore, serious, calm voice and clear diction are also must-have qualities for your customer support staff. What you should aim at here is a voice of a radio presenter. However, even if the candidates don’t have perfect diction, but they’re patient and empathic, those people will make a great customer support team.  As for diction, let them practice their voice with tongue twisters and other useful techniques.

Prompt reaction

When you receive a message or a phone call that pinpoints a certain problem in your business, it’s vital to react promptly to that complaint. For instance, if visitors are having difficulties with your website, inform the hosting provider and check what went wrong. If the number of people making the same complaints keeps rising, let them know more about the problem. The fastest and most affordable way to do that is to explain everything in posts on your social media profiles. Also, you could look up to the example of Elon Musk, who reacted swiftly to a Twitter complaint made by an owner of the Tesla car. A fast and proactive reaction in case of emergency will retain customers.

Real-time availability

Many businesses still use email as their main means of communication. While this service is perfect for business correspondence, it’s too slow for customer support. Modern customers want their issues to be resolved as quickly as possible. This is why you should make sure your service is available at all times. Telephone communication is irreplaceable for this purpose. So, keep a landline and a mobile phone number for your local customers. Nevertheless, if you have customers in different parts of the world, it’s difficult to provide 24/7 live support via the office phone. Here’s where you could benefit from having a virtual receptionist and various phone services.

Additionally, online messaging and live chats could contribute to higher availability to customers in some fields of work.

Prepare set phrases

No matter if you entitle your in-house staff to deal with customers’ calls or you outsource that part of work, you need to prepare some set phrases that will be used for this matter. If your target audience and customers are younger people, adopt a semi-formal communication style. Therefore, instruct your customer support team to address them in a relaxed way.

The script those people are going to use should contain some general terms, but they should be packed with some words reflecting your business policy. For instance, they should use phrases such as “We at XY Company”, “Our loyal customers”, “Solve your problems at once” and other effective word strings that will present your business in a good light.

An efficient customer service crew is comparable with a successful PR-team. They’ll create a positive image of your business among your customers. As a result, new customers will keep rolling in, due to that positive image. Finally, they will be satisfied with your business services and stay loyal to your brand.

About Emma Miller:

Emma Miller is a marketer and a writer from Sydney. Her focus are digital marketing, social media, start-ups and latest trends. She’s a contributor at Bizzmark blog and a mother of two.