Our guest for this week is Rich Brooks, the president, Web Marketing Strategist, and Chief Blogging Officer at flyte new media, and also the founder of the Agents of Change Digital Marketing Conference. Back in 2012, Rich started the Agents of Change as a weekly podcast and an annual conference that’s all about search, social, and mobile marketing. For this year’s conference, Rich has prepared a special discount, exclusive to the listeners of our show.

Our topics include:

    What is the Agents of Change conference all about?
    What are some of the key events and workshops included in the Agents of Change?
    Things you should know before organizing your own event or conference.
    What are some of the benefits of putting together a large-scale event?

Connect with Rich:


This Week’s Gift: $25 off for the Agents of Change Conference!
When checking out, use the promo code:


What’s Next?

Learn skills that will make you the sharpest person in the Boardroom: 



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