Entrepreneurial Success Principles

w/ Former SWAT Team Coach Turned Farmer and Investor Kevin Van Eekeren


Kevin Van Eekeren started off as a logistics officer in a SWAT team after studying Criminal Justice at Illinois State University. After two years in that position, he started Fulcrum Tactical, a charity that specialized in training SWAT teams nationwide. He spent two more years as a logistic officer before leaving to pursue his business endeavors full-time. In 2011 he successfully transitioned Fulcrum Tactical to a for-profit company. He then started a farm! It is called Fulcrum Farms and it focuses on producing meat and eggs in an environmentally sustainable way. In 2015 he sold Fulcrum Tactical and started Fulcrum Investing, a venture capital fund investing in startups nationwide. In 2016 he started hosting a podcast called Startup Static which has a planned release date of mid 2017 with a bifurcated focus on both the startup world and topics that affect our world, not just business. He also hosts The State of Logic podcast which you can listen to here.


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