Is Social Media for Business a Trick or a Treat?

Is Social Media for business a trick or a treat? The research may surprise you (click through the picture for enlarged image).   Are you focusing your efforts where your customers are? Source: The Growth of Social Media:...

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Digital talent won’t want to work at your company if:

Taken from a GREAT article on Fast Company:   Every element of their work will be pored over by multiple layers of bureaucracy. Even if that’s how the rest of the company operates, it can’t spill into the digital department. In a technology environment, new...

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Job Opening: Agile and Scrum Professionals in NYC/Phila/Dallas

Do you happen to know of any Scrum Masters looking for work in the New York City area? Jumpstart:HR is recruiting for other areas as well but we are looking for individuals right away. Here are links for reference. Should you know of any candidates, please forward...

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Putting the “Human” back in Human Resources

What do snowflakes and people have in common? Neither of us are alike! So how, in a "people" profession, is it possible to effectively engage individuals on a personal level while maintaining a credible vantage point from a more macroscopic corporate level? It's time...

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