6 Reasons Why Your Best Employees Will Leave

Let's face it... Some of your best talent's New Year's Resolution might just be to leave your organization. Don't believe me? Check out this new article on Inc.com to understand why some of your brightest stars might be planning their escape in 2012 (or may have...

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A Note of Thanks

RT @wgts919: Thank those in your life that make it better and happier   Today on the blog I just wanted to share a simple note of thanks to everyone who has been a part of the Jumpstart:HR community! So a special note of thanks is in order to: ... Every Intern...

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Focus on Business: Advice for Business Graduates

On December 9, 2011, Jumpstart CEO, Joey V. Price was featured in an article entitled "Focus on Business: Advice for Business Graduates" on the CampusExplorer.com blog "The Explorer" Here's his quote: Joey V. Price, Founder of Jumpstart:HR Masters in Human Resources...

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A terrible reason to excuse inefficiency in the workplace

  @CarlaYoung:#MOMeo Tip: Find the bottlenecks in your task flow and either simplify, automate or delegate!   Bottlenecking. A crime against productivity. That situation where everything seems to flow smoothly until it gets to one part of the workflow...

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‘Company Policy: We are not hiring until Obama is gone’

  "The way the economy's running, and the way my business has been hampered by the economy, and the policies of the people in power, I felt that it was necessary to voice my opinion, and predict that I wouldn't be able to do any hiring," he said. Taken from the...

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Is Your Business “Cyber-Savvy?”: The Cyber Monday Edition

  Cyber Monday 2011 has arrived... but I'm pretty sure you already knew that. Coming off of a weekend that saw online Black Friday sales leaped more that 26% than last year, there is one thing that is evident. Tech is King. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to...

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The Top 3 Ways to Become a “Black Friday” Employer

The day after Thanksgiving is known for two things: 1) Thanksgiving Day Leftovers (yum!) and 2) Black Friday What is Black Friday? Black Friday is the day that most retailers offer discounted merchandise and customers flock in herds to take advantage of the savings....

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