How would you describe your personality? Personality traits play an important role in determining the likelihood of excellent job performance. Research in psychology has been applied in management to explain factors such as leadership ability, job performance, job...

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To Scam or Not To Scam? 3 Ways to Avoid Fraud

Many people assume that they can spot a scam instantly, but millions of people fall victim to scams every year. Those scams may include sending money to a person who doesn't actually exist or paying for a product that is not real. Since not all of us have the time to...

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5 Ways To Give Your Customers A Reason To Trust You

Customers are less enthusiastic and more doubtful when it comes to trying out new businesses. It's not that they distance themselves from you out of spite, but rather out of lack of information regarding your brand. They don't know who you are and thus are left...

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The 4 Best Degrees for Mompreneurs

Just because you’re a mom doesn’t mean you can’t earn money. Today, there are many opportunities for moms to run a business right from their living rooms. You can earn a degree that will help you to start your business and give you an edge over the competition. There...

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How Negativity Can Affect Your Morale

A few months ago, I was going through a rough patch in my personal life. Frustrated and overwhelmed, my attitude at work began to deteriorate. The usually outgoing, cheerful person slumped into a withdrawn, sullen presence. I may not have outright told everyone I was...

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How to Navigate Organizational Change

Serious organizational change can be a bittersweet moment for businesses. Employees and managers are both excited and terrified of major shifts, and it’s important that managers and leaders know how to handle the pressure. Maybe your small business is experiencing a...

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